media installation & dance performance | 60' | JP 2017

Soliciting both the conceptual and sensory levels of our perceptual system, 'Selfhood' explores the processes of identity recognition, the discernment of characteristics and the quality that constitutes one's individuality.


I must be the same self that I was born as, how can that not be the case?


Concept and realisation Michael Maurissens

Choreography & Video Michael Maurissens

Dance Wataru Murakami, Fumi Takenouchi, Emi Ogura, Kyoko Nomura, Yuki Goda, Michael Maurissens

Sound Masamitsu Araki

Light Yasuhiro Fujiwara

Model photo Misuzu Furuya


Project leader Mami Katsuya

Project coordinator Ryuichi Tani

project assistant Yoshiya Yoshimitsu

Stage director Nobuaki Oshika

Translator Aya M. Aoshima

Photography Kai Maetani


Produced by Kyoto Art Center

Supported by KYOTO.KÖLN, Quartier am Hafen, Kyoto AIR Alliance Program

In cooperation with Goethe - Institut Villa Kamogawa

Funded by Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine - Westphalia, Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the Fiscal 2016