Twirling DUST Symmetrically

dance | media scenography | soundart | interactive installation | 30' | CHN/DE 2012

Two dancers, two stages, two media scenographies, one interactive dialogue - in between a distance of 1900 miles.


A pas de deux in virtual space that bridges two continents with three dimensional animated paintings, visual rhythms and a poetic communication of closeness and at the same time of distance. A direct exchange between dance, soundart and interactive settings.


Using 3D-engines like the x-Box, a motion-capture-system and the internet a German-Chinese team of artists, musicians and informaticians are connecting two worlds: a new form of choreography.

The piece was first performed synchronous in Cologne and Beijing on September 14th and 15th 2012.


Team Cologne

Visual art                                                Matthias Gerding, Alexander Rechberg (Bildtonfabrik+KHM)

Dance+Choreography                         Duosi Zhu, Ballet Semper Oper Dresden

                                                                  Michael Maurissens

Sound art                                                Sven Hahne/nanoschlaf

                                                                  Prof. Zhao Fang Beijing

Stage design                                           Sina Seifee (KHM)

3D-animation /x-Box programming / motion capture

                                                                  Thomas Kombüchen (undev Berlin),

Internet programming                       David Murmann (Bildtonfabrik+KHM),

Video documentation                          Wonbaek Shin, Chih Ming Fan (KHM)

Art direction+Project coordination  Heide Hagebölling and Luis Negron van Grieken (KHM).


Team Beijing

interactive sound performance         Tianran Duan, Li Zhe (E_MEDIA Beijing), Ge Yong, Gan Hua

Chinese sound art                                 Zhan Fang

Project supervisor                                Tong Yan

Special program Long Way Home Katharina Klemm and Gerald Schauder


In cooperation with                             Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln / Academy of Media Arts Cologne

                                                                  Bildtonfabrik Cologne + undev Berlin

                                                                  Bühnen der Stadt Köln

                                                                  Kulturdezernat und Auslandsdezernat der Stadt Köln

Funded by                                               Kunststiftung NRW

                                                                  Renmin University of China RUC Beijing